Creating Inner Harmony through various healing modalities

As a massage therapist and energy worker, I can SEE how food affects other people. I FEEL how it affects me. Over the years I have found that I have become very sensitive to certain foods. Some food I eat and I can feel a reaction right away. Other foods I might not get a reaction for up to 72 hours later. Those foods are harder to identify because I’m not sure which food was the culprit.

I decided to look for a doctor that would work with me in finding out which foods I was sensitive to. I was referred to Dr. Delilah Anderson in a small rural town about 40 minutes from me. I made my first appointment and during that appointment I learned about the MANY symptoms of food sensitivities. I also learned that I have Adrenal Fatigue.

She proceeded to take several vials of blood to have my immune response tested for most foods. Very expensive and detailed test but to me, after what I’ve been dealing with for many years, was so worth it. I’m worth it. So I’m on a journey of discovering what my body likes and what my body responds negatively to. Really, negative is a strong word. It’s really what foods I eat that causes my body to have an immune response. It’s my body trying to defend itself from foods that cause an inflammatory reaction. So really the symptoms are negative from my view point. The body, in its infinite intelligence, is doing what is best for it.

Over the past couple of years, I know I have changed spiritually, but my body has not been able to keep up with the changes. The vibration of my Spiritual Self is moving upward or to a high frequency. My physical body is not changing vibrationally, because it can’t. It has to deal with inflammation and the immune response from the vibrational frequencies I put into my own body. Now because of the deeper vibrational split, I FEEL it more. I’m looking forward, and also not looking forward to the changes that are coming. I know my body will benefit from the changes and I KNOW it will be quite an adjustment for me.

I should get the results in a couple of weeks.

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