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Tales from the Loft – Mr. A

Mr. A came to visit me recently. He works long hours so we had to schedule a later appointment on a Friday evening. My hours are by appointment, so I try to accommodate my clients as much as possible. He has a very physical job. His body was experiencing a lot of tension, muscle soreness and trigger points in the neck, shoulders, lower and middle back areas. We opted for some Deep Tissue and **Myofascial release. As I was working the muscles that support the spine in the middle back, called the Erector Spinae, these muscles are directly over the Kidneys. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Kidneys are the meridian that holds the emotion of fear. If we experience some kind of fear in the body, the organ that is usually affected is the kidneys and the bladder.

As I’m working in the area near his kidneys he started mentioning that with the economy that way it is he has been worried about whether or not he will have any new contracts for work come his way for next year. We started talking more about that and I asked him,  “Where is that worry coming from? What do you think is the core emotion that is triggering this worry about whether or not you’re going to receive contracts for next year?”

He thought about it for a few minutes and all of a sudden he said, “fear! I have fear of not getting enough work for next year and so it triggers worry.”

So I finished working on the trigger points in his back and neck and asked if he was okay with doing some Central Nervous System Emotional Release. He asked if that was anything like EFT. I mentioned that it is nothing like EFT and explained about the way our bodies may hold onto emotions in the nervous system. The Central Nervous System sees this as an ‘allergy’ in the system. He said he would like to try it.

So we switched gears. He was feeling much better in his neck, shoulders and back and we proceeded with some Emotional Release. This technique is where I would stimulate the meridian points on the body related to emotions. The theory behind this technique is that sometimes our emotions may get trapped in the central nervous system. Especially an emotion like fear. When fear becomes trapped within the nervous system, this can cause a person to not be able to move forward on a Mind Body Spirit level. Sometimes we can get stuck emotionally and are not able to move forward. This could affect our ability to manifest as well. When we have something that is blocking us from moving forward or opening up to what the Universe is providing for us, or flow to us, we block off our own ability to manifest.

So we worked on the emotion of fear specifically the fear of enough money coming in next year. Being able to get enough work next year, being able to pay the bills and everything that goes with that.

After I worked those meridian points then I work the points on the spine where the central nervous system resides. Then I ended with a CranioSacral Still Point and this allows the nervous system to integrate what was just worked on. Afterward he said he was feeling very relaxed and he mentioned that he was not having any thoughts of worry at the moment. So I let him know that he would need to let it integrate for a few days because we are working with the central nervous system. Sometimes it could take three to four days for the treatment to fully integrate. It was a good thing our appointment was on a Friday so that he could take the next couple of days to just relax. I mentioned that he should really pay attention to how he is feeling. If he notices any fear coming up, to just pay attention without any judgment.

Four days later he sent me a text message and basically said, ‘Hey Denise, you’re not going to believe this, I just signed two big contracts for next year. And I was not even worried about it and I can see how worrying can keep the door closed on my manifestations.’

As a Mind Body Spirit Coach, we work together to bring Inner Harmony and balance to all levels of the self. With Mr. A we worked not only on the physical level but the emotional and mental levels as well.

**The myofascial release approach is a form of soft tissue therapy used to treat somatic dysfunction and resulting pain and restriction of motion. It is a treatment described by Andrew Taylor Still, founder of osteopathy/osteopathic medicine, and his early students, which uses continual palpatory feedback to achieve release of myofascial tissues.[1] This is proposed to be accomplished by relaxing contracted muscles, increasing circulation and lymphatic drainage, and stimulating the stretch reflex of muscles and overlying fascia.